How do I change out a BEP Czone module

To change out a BEP Czone module start by:

1. Ensure the Firmware on the replacement device matches the Device to be replaced. This link will explain how to do that: How to determine the firmware version of a Czone module.

2. Turn off power to module.

3. Disconnect all wiring connections then remove the faulty module.

5. If the module is an OI or a MOI remove the fuses from the failed module verify that the fuses are good and fit in the same locations on the new module

Warning: Do not put the wrong amp fuse in the wrong location as the fuses need to stay matched to the load.

6. Mount the new module and connect all wiring except the NMEA cable.

7. Apply power to Czone system.

8. (If the unit is new this step can be skipped.) Ensure all the dipswitches on the module are switched to the off position. Once mounted temporarily connect the NMEA cable until all the indication lights flash once. Then remove the NMEA connection. This has now wiped any program that may have been on the module.

9. Set the dip switches to match the settings of the replaced module. Once the dipswitches are set plug in the NMEA cable.

After a short period of time the new module will begin to flash several times while receiving a copy of the program from the network and after updating will begin to functioning normally.

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