CZone® Software Release 10

CZone® Software Release 10 – May 2017

The CZone team is pleased to announce the release of a new software package. This release includes support for control of Dometic HVAC systems and Sea Recovery Watermakers. Also included is a user friendly Commissioning Wizard to help guide installers through the commissioning process. This is an optional update and only needs to be installed if the new features or improvements outlined in the following pages are required.

The new software versions are listed below:
CZone® Configuration Tool  R10 (Build
WI Configuration Tool R10 (Build
Display Interface
Display Interface Touch
Touch 5
Touch 10
Wireless Interface
Combination Output Interface
Meter Interface
Signal Interface
Switch Control Interface
Output Interface
Motor Output Interface
MasterBus Interface
AC Mains Interface
AC Output Interface

For more information on the release please contact your CZone installer.




Dometic HVAC Support – add support for control of Dometic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) units. Set parameters such as temperature, operating mode, fan mode & fan speed. To connect to Dometic network an MBI module is required.

Sea Recovery Watermaker Support – add support for control of Sea Recovery NMEA2000 watermakers. Set parameters such as start production, start flushing, start rinsing, emergency break and stop. Compatible with Aqua Matic, Aqua Whisper DX & Aqua Matic XL. No additional hardware required, the watermakers plug directly into the NMEA2000 network.

Commissioning Report – the commissioning report will help ensure CZone systems are installed and tested correctly. A checklist with key installation requirements and tests should be completed by the installer, then a system report with detailed information (including device list, serial numbers, firmware versions etc) will be generated. The config file is also attached to this report for the builders records, making it easier to track and better service vessels/vehicles in the field.

Automatic Update Server – the config tool will now detect if new software/firmware updates are available when connected to the internet. If updates are available, the popup message will prompt user to download and install automatically.


Software Improvements


Fixed: Switch targets change when changing switch type for MBI in Circuit Control.

Fixed: AC meter 'Use Hysteresis' tick box cannot be ticked.

Added support for Mastervolt Combi Pro

Implement 'Advanced Options' for non-battery DC metering items to allow setting the noise-floor.

Ensure SOC/DC Detailed message is not transmitted for non-battery DC types.

Added option to disable the bypass alarm for all COI load channels.

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