Updated Configuration Tool coming soon to resolve a few issues.

We have had reports of a few issues with the latest R10 CZone Configuration Tool which is affecting a small number of users.  We are in the middle of testing an updated Configuration Tool and will release this ASAP.

For now, if the new features added in R10 (Dometic & Sea Recovery) are not being used we recommend that customers revert back to the R9.1 Configuration Tool until this update is available.  Note the issues are all related to the Configuration Tool and will not require any firmware updates.  The R9.1 Configuration Tool is also compatible with all firmware versions.

A list of the known issues are below:

COI Firmware Update Issue

When updating certain COI modules, the update will not reach 100%, this is due to a performance issue with the Navico ST-10 USB to CAN adapter (KVASER and other adapters work fine)

Config Tool Crashing

Indexing issue causing the tool to crash when adding certain switches in the Circuits Tab

We apologize for the inconvenience

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