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CZone Contact 6 Plus


Utilising proven CZone digital switching technology the Contact 6 Plus is a robust and affordable digital switching solution. Featuring 6x 15A solid state ignition protected fused outputs with circuit bypass for system redundancy.

The Contact 6 Plus can be networked into an existing CZone system or installed stand-alone with the CZone Waterproof Keypads or compatible multi-function displays. The Contact 6 Plus integrates with all major marine chart plotter and multi-function display manufacturers for direct control of electrical systems from your display, including fault warning notifications and circuit status indication.


  • Circuit dimming & smooth start capability.
  • Status LED’s for all outputs.
  • Ultra low current draw.
  • Built-in timer functions for circuits like live bait tanks.
  • Voltage monitoring on the NMEA 2000 network.
  • Built-in Load Shedding allows non-essential loads to be turned off to preserve battery life.
  • Built-in default configurations selectable via dip switch.
  • Affordable add-on module to larger CZone systems.
  • Blown fuse detection and warning.

CZone Contact 6 Plus Datasheet

CZone Contact 6 Plus System

Combine Contact 6 Plus with the Waterpoof Keypad and Smart Harness to achieve a very affordable digital switching system, that reduces installation time, network component cost and delivers a robust electrical system with fewer connection points than a conventional installation.

The CZone Contact 6 Plus System provides an ultra-low current draw state to reduce demand on small electrical systems yet still delivers features such as timer functions and Load Shedding to preserve critical battery life by turning off non-essential loads as voltage drops. 

  • Low cost digital switching system.
  • Simple installation.
  • Greater reliability with fewer connections.

CZone Contact 6 Plus System Datasheet

System examples


The Contact 6 Plus and Waterproof Keypad can be networked using the Smart Harness without the need for a full NMEA 2000 network backbone.

The Smart Harness is available in 2 and 3 module versions which are perfect for a Contact 6 Plus Module and one or two Waterproof Keypads providing six or twelve switch positions.

  • No NMEA 2000 network backbone required.
  • Cost effective and simple installation.
  • More reliable with less connection points.

CZone Contact 6 Plus Standalone System

Fishing Boat Example

CZone Waterproof Keypads

CZone Smart Harness

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The Contact 6 PLUS and Waterproof Keypad are fully NMEA 2000 compatible and can be used as low cost components of a larger CZone installation with a full network backbone. In a networked installation the NMEA 2000 backbone replaces the Smart Harness.

  • Low cost addition to a larger installation.
  • Compatible with most Marine multi-function displays.
CZone Contact 6 Plus Networked System


General specifications
Output wire range 0.5 -6 mm (24 AWG – 8 AWG)
NMEA 2000 connectivity 1 x CAN Micro-C port
Dimming all channels, PWM at 100 Hz
Output channels 6 x 15 A – 12/24 V
Circuit protection ATC fuse with blown fuse alarms
Circuit bypass mechanical fuse bypass on all channels
Max. current 60 A total module current
Power supply M6 (1/4)
Supply voltage 9-16 V via NMEA 2000 network
Protection degree IPx5 (mounted vertical)
Dimensions, hxwxd 128.5 x 202.5 x 45 mm
5.1 x 8.0 x 1.8 inch
Weight 0.6 kg
1.3 lb
Compliance CE, ABYC, NMEA, ISO8846/SAEJ1171 Ignition Protected
Technical specifications
Power consumption max. 75 mA / standby 0,3 mA
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -15 °C to 55 °C
5 °F to 131 °F
Temperature range (storage/non operating) -40 °C to 85 °C
-40 °F to 185 °F

The Contact 6 PLUS is tested to Ignition Protection standards and is compliant with ABYC.


    CZone Contact 6 Plus Datasheet

    CZone Contact 6 Plus System Datasheet

    CZone Contact 6 Plus CE Compliance

    CZone Contact 6 Plus Installation Manual

    CZone Contact 6 Plus User Manual

    CZone Contact 6 Plus Drawings