COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB) | 80-911-0134-00

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COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB)


The COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB) is the interface between the Combination Output Interface (COI) and up to six CZone digital switches (push button or Rocker). The digital switches include dimmable LED backlighting, systems on, fault codes and a plug and play harness simplifying installation.


  • Connect up to 6 digital switches to the COI.
  • Support for single or double throw switches (up to 12 programmable switch points).
  • Uses existing SCI switch cables with options for Rocker or push button plugs at various lengths.
  • Digital switches include dimmable backlighting for ‘systems on’ and fault codes.
  • IPx5 water ingress protection.
  • Including 2 mtr DSB to COI cable. 


CZone COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB) Installation Manual