Sentinel BM40 4G Boat Monitor | 80-911-0250-00

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Sentinel BM40 4G Boat Monitor


Monitor and control your vessel remotely with the new Sentinel BM40 4G Boat Monitor. Fleet tracking, geo-fencing, journey logging and full CZone integration is all now possible with this telematics solution. CZone’s integration extends the monitoring and control capability of Sentinel’s platform to encompass the entire CZone control and monitoring ecosystem, giving the customer the ultimate remote control and monitoring solution for their vessel.

Alert Notifications

The Sentinel Boat Monitor app will repeat all CZone alarm notifications in real-time along with any Sentinel configured notifications. This means you’ll receive alerts if the battery voltage begins to drop, or if the boat moves outside your designated area.

CZONE 80-911-0150-00 alert notifications


Easily monitor all CZone network sensors through the Sentinel Boat Monitor. From bilge and tank levels, to battery voltage and capacity, monitor a range of NMEA2000 and direct analogue sensors.


Control pre-configured CZone circuits or Modes remotely. Activate bilge systems, lighting, or open and close mechanical locks for hatches and doors.

CZone Integrated Sentinel System verse Standalone

Sentinel Boat Monitor is available as a standalone or CZone Integrated Monitoring and Control solution.

CZONE SENTINEL 80-911-0150-00 system layout example

Easy Integrated Configuration

CZone-Sentinel Integration is easily configurable. Once connected to the CZone backbone, Sentinel will automatically fetch pre-configured CZone Monitoring and Control Circuits and make them available through the Sentinel interfaces.

Standalone System Configuration

Sentinel standalone systems require manual wiring of each circuit to the module, and full configuration of each Control and Monitoring input or output. See for more information.

Geofence Alerts

Geofencing alerts can notify the user when the vessel moves outside of a given area, providing a handy tool for anchor watch or theft tracking.

CZONE SENTINEL BM40 3G BOAT MONITOR 80-911-0150-00 anti theft geofencing alerts

Intrusion Detection

Boat Monitor offers the ability to wire theft counter-measures, from magnetic breach sensors for windows and doors, motion detection sensors, or engine ignition. 

Intrusion Detection is easily wired to the standalone Sentinel Module, or can be achieved using CZone networked monitoring and remote alarm monitoring.

Journey Logs

Keep track of past routes, mileage, duration and speed. Trips are automatically added to the journey log during each trip. For fault finding, sensor history can be overlaid over your routes.

CZONE SENTINEL BM40 3G BOAT MONITOR 80-911-0150-00 Journey logging

Data Logging

Sentinel logs all sensor data for the last 7 days via the mobile app and 14 days via web browser access.

Czone 80-911-0150-00 Sentinel BM40 data logging

The Sentinel BM40 Boat Monitoring Kit is the CZone-ready integration kit. This kit includes the BM40 4G Boat Monitor to be mounted and networked over NMEA2000 with the CZone system.

The kit also includes:

»   1 Year Subscription
      • 10 NMEA sensors
      • 28 CZone switches
      • All CZone alarms

»   Subscription starts on device activation and is renewed 
     via Sentinel Marine.