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Contact 6 PLUS Module 80-911-0160-00

The CZone Contact 6 PLUS system delivers a cost-effective solution that simplifies installation with the addition of the new Contact 6 PLUS, the CZone Waterproof Keypad and the innovative new Smart Harness. The Contact 6 PLUS system reduces installation time, network component cost and delivers a robust electrical system with fewer connection points than a conventional installation.

The Contact 6 PLUS is tested to Ignition Protection standards and is compliant with ABYC.


Utilising proven CZone digital switching technology the Contact 6 PLUS is a robust and affordable digital switching solution. Featuring 6x 15A solid state ignition protected fused outputs with circuit bypass for system redundancy. The Contact 6 PLUS can be networked into an existing CZone system or installed stand-alone with the CZone Waterproof Keypads or compatible MultiFunction Displays.

  • Circuit dimming & smooth start capability
  • Status LED’s for all outputs
  • Ultra low current draw
  • Built-in timer functions for circuits like live bait tanks
  • Voltage monitoring on the NMEA2000 Network
  • Built-in Load Shedding allows non-essential loads to be turned off to preserve battery life
  • Built-in default configurations selectable via dip switch
  • Affordable add-on module to larger CZone systems
  • Blown fuse detection and warning

Contact 6 PLUS System

Combine Contact 6 PLUS with the Waterpoof Keypad and Smart Harness to achieve a very affordable digital switching system. Simple installation with out-of-the-box plug-and-play configurations, the Contact 6 PLUS System brings powerful and trusted CZone digital switching technology to a very attractive price point.

  • Affordable digital switching solution
  • Plug and play out of the box functionality
  • PWM circuit dimming
  • Equipped with advanced core CZone feature set like timers and modes
  • ABYC compliant ignition protected internal fuse panel with mechanical circuit bypass

Contact 6 Plus System Datasheet

Fishing Boat Example - Click Here

Pontoon Boat Example - Click Here

80-911-0160-00 CZONE CONTACT 6 PLUS INTERFACE specifications

80-911-0160-00 CZONE CONTACT 6 PLUS INTERFACE dimensions

 80-911-0160-00 CZONE CONTACT 6 PLUS INTERFACE system examples